MAHASYSTEMS (P) LTD. Developed The CRM system ,it is a set of software applications that help an organization determine the needs and preferences of their customers by managing, organizing, tracking and storing all customer interactions.CRM systems use advanced technology to replace the handwritten, manual documentation processes of the past. CRM systems allow users to document everything, from simple contact information to specific conversations with customers.Our CRM systems are valuable because the information they provide can help boost the general business goals of an organization.

Mahasystems CRM System

Benifits For You
Manage customer contact information
Organize customer in a central location
Track customer actions and preferences
Weaken expense and business risk
Measure success of campaigns
Provide instant metrics
Manage customer service requests
Track industry trends
Create personalized customer experiences

Core Modules Of CRM
    • Marketing Calendar
    • Customer Trigger System
    • Reminder System
    • Field Reporting
    • Company Information
    • Contacts Information
    • Transaction & Queries
    • Category & Profile
    • Delivery Configuration
    • Distribution Channel
    • Constraint Management
    • Scheduling & Planning
    • Claims Form
    • Returns Form
Mahasystems CRM System

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Features Of CRM
Mobile Support

CRM software that work when you step out of the office. mobile responsive website version that you can access via smartphone or tablet.


The CRM software customizable to fit your workflows or business scenario. It gives you control over data, access, approvals, and to some interface design.


advanced features or users Can be added. The software able to expand its functionalities as your business to manage more contacts, leads, deals, tasks.

Ease of use

Setup For System is quick, navigation is easy to follow, and the tools accessible. Overall, the CRM software simple for casual users to guarantee employees will use it.