MAHASYSTEMS (P) LTD. Developed Assets Management System Full support for all asset types, including fixed, fleet, distribution, linear, and more integrated workflows across asset, work, and supply chain management.Detailed lifecycle information, tracking, and control preventive and predictive work using multiple maintenance approaches.

Mahasystems's Asset Management efficiently manages asset lifecycles, streamlines maintenance operations, maximizes supply chain performance, enhances safety, and improves regulatory compliance.

mahasystems assets management system

Benifits For You
Optimize your use of existing assets
Negotiate with more buying power
Avoid costly license non-compliance fines
Manage maintenance and support costs
Increase accountability billing and charge back
Eliminate lease penalties
Increase service desk productivity
Empower end-users with self-service access
Automate time-consuming manual processes

Core Functions Of System
Asset Information
Asset List
Asset Tracking
Inventory Management
User Management
Reports And Graphs
mahasystems assets management system
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Features Of Assets Management System
Mobile Support

Assets Management System that work when you step out of the office. mobile responsive website version that you can access via smartphone or tablet.


This software customizable to fit your workflows or business scenario. It gives you control over data, access, approvals, and to some interface design.


advanced features or users Can be added. The software able to expand its functionalities as your business to manage more Various kinds of Assets.

Ease of use

Setup For System is quick, navigation is easy to follow, and the tools accessible. Overall, the This Application simple for casual users to guarantee employees will use it.